On November 27th, 2020 ROTERSAND will end the first season of the CUBE session.CUBEsession In times when events and concerts have not been possible for months due to the corona pandemic and artists, organizers, clubs, crews, agencies & local employees are doomed to stop, new ways have to be taken to be close to the audience. 
We invited bands to our specially created CUBE to give a unique and unique concert session. Surrounded by light installations, the focus is literally on the artist and there is no front or back. 
The different camera positions allow us to take part in the concert from completely new perspectives. Lean back and enjoy or clear the dance floor in front of the screens! 

Tickets can now be pre-ordered at https://www.cubesession.de/konzert/rotersand.html and can be bought at the beginning of the event (7:00 p.m.). The tickets cost 19 EUR. You can watch the concert as often as you want for 7 days. Vimeo accepts PayPal or credit card. (Pre-order only with credit card) 

Konzertsommer im Revier: Rotersand & NOYCE™

We are happy to announce, that Rotersand are going to perform live on 02 October 2020 at the Revierpark Nienhausen, Gelsenkirchen.

500 meters from where Rasc grew up, 2000 meters from where Krischan‘ grew up and still operates his Studio 600 we play a Corona ‚compatible‘ live show on Oct 2nd. The only show in Germany 2020. The first show after the release of „How do you feel Today’. If those of you living around 100 km do not join this, we gonna take it personal. Please join us, we want to make our moms being proud of their sons, watching down on home town.

Tickets: https://www.deinetickets.de/shop/kir/de/start/nocookie/?g=1482&e=1

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/s/konzertsommer-im-revier-roters/756674855153700/

Gothic Cruise 2020 postponed

The Gothic Cruise 2020 is postponed. The new date: 26.09.2021 – 03.10.2021 (Port Canaveral in Cape Canaveral (Florida) see the official statement:

2020 Gothic Cruise Update:
All Cruises through June 12th have been suspended by government orders across the globe. The CDC and Johns Hopkins are both expecting a 2nd outbreak by the fall, plus they estimate our death toll to double by August. Please remember that some of the band members, and our gothic cruise family members, have health issues and were absolutely terrified of the prospect of getting on a cruise ship whether it be during or on the heels of a pandemic.

After speaking with the cruise line, and taking into account the sheer number of international guests in our group, some of whom have extended travel restrictions, it was determined it was the safest course of action for everyone that would be sailing. 

This is a SPECIAL exception for the gothic cruise by Royal Caribbean. They are currently only protecting sailings up to September 1st. Salings after Sept 1st are not being given refunds if they choose to cancel.

If you have travel insurance through me as a usa citizen you are covered and can cancel outright and file with the insurance.

The new saling is: Allure of the Seas, Sept 26 2021. Sister ship to the Harmony, the Allure is still the largest ship at sea. (as they are the same gross tonnage and size).

If you want to sail this year as part of a NONgothic cruise, you can still do that. You NEED to inform me IMMEDIATELY, as Royal is going to automatically move everyone next week to the new sailing. If you choose this option, I will update your invoice to the nongothic cruise sailing price. Given the risk and how up in the air everything is, I don’t recommend it. 

Because you have the option to still cruise this year, Royal is not giving refunds. Now if CDC shuts them down longer, or they do decide to protect sailings after September 1st at a later date (but before final), you could get a refund at that time. IF its all confusing, call me and I will walk you through.

For next year – the Lineup is the same:
Rotersand, Combichrist, Die Sektor and Stoneburner 

Right now the prices are entry level and a bit high. I expect these to come down though as we get further into 2020.

Keep in mind you now have extra time to plan the ultimate gothic cruise vacation though!!!

Ill be adding everyone to the new group soon. The web page will take some time. Shore excursions will be refunded soon.

So please be patient!


MERA LUNA Festival 2020 abgesagt

Das Damoklesschwert, das über unser aller Köpfen und der Festivalsaison schwebte, hat sich herabgesenkt. Wir können unsere Trauer nicht in Worte fassen. Unser Familientreffen ist stets Anker und Heimathafen in der turbulenten Festivalsaison – doch es hat anscheinend dieses Jahr nicht sollen sein…

Aufgrund des bundesweiten Veranstaltungsverbots bis zum 31. August 2020 müssen wir das M’era Luna Festival 2020 absagen. Wir begrüßen diese Entscheidung natürlich als verständliche und wichtige Sicherheitsmaßnahme für die Bevölkerung und setzen bereits alles daran, eine reibungslose Kommunikation mit euch zu gewährleisten.

Das M’era Luna-Team arbeitet unermüdlich daran, die kommenden Schritte festzuzurren, aber leider brauchen wir dafür noch ein paar Tage. Wir melden uns natürlich schnellstens mit allen Infos bei euch!

Static Darkness

Monsterfriends and Gargoyles! Halloween is already knocking our doors deep, dark and dreadful. Come to LONDON November 3rd and witness ROTERSAND playing live on the premiere of Static Darkness. What an incredible lineup they have put together. Let´s dance the hell out of us that weekend.

2 Day Halloween Festival At Slimelight, London
An indoor festival with no weather woes…!
DATE: 2-3 November 2019

Rotersand // Agonoize // Solitary Experiments // Reaper // Funker Vogt // Frozen Plasma // Phosgore // Accessory // Massive Ego // ESA // DKAG


// 3 Floors of endless darkness
// 10 + Bands spread over 3 floors
// 8 + DJs
// Food Court offering delicious BBQ burgers
// Courtyard Drinks Train
// CLEAN and Abundant toilets


Static Darkness

ship of rebels 2019

Na Ihr Rebellen!? Schon wieder Lust auf einen lauen Sommerabend mit eisgekühlten Getränken und ein Open Air auf dem Rhein mit brillanten Livebands? Lust mit uns auf der Rebel Moon After-Show Party durch die Nacht zu tanzen?

Dann entert mit uns am 19. Juli 2019 wieder das charmant mondäne „Achterdeck“ und seid dabei bei dem exklusiven „Ship of Rebels“.