Konzertsommer im Revier: Rotersand & NOYCE™

We are happy to announce, that Rotersand are going to perform live on 02 October 2020 at the Revierpark Nienhausen, Gelsenkirchen.

500 meters from where Rasc grew up, 2000 meters from where Krischan‘ grew up and still operates his Studio 600 we play a Corona ‚compatible‘ live show on Oct 2nd. The only show in Germany 2020. The first show after the release of „How do you feel Today’. If those of you living around 100 km do not join this, we gonna take it personal. Please join us, we want to make our moms being proud of their sons, watching down on home town.

Tickets: https://www.deinetickets.de/shop/kir/de/start/nocookie/?g=1482&e=1

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/s/konzertsommer-im-revier-roters/756674855153700/