This is Rotersand.

Rotersand is a friend who has been accompanying you for a whole decade on your nocturnal hunt’s Post-Industrial amusement. Rotersand is the beast right beside you –  twitching, stomping, finally leaping upon you and clinging to you. Want to take us home? The beast can also purr like a black cat if it wishes. The beauty and the beast: an insuperable antagonism? In Rotersand both melt into one with complex elegance.


Mera Luna Festival 2020 postponed

New Dates:Mera Luna Festival: 07. + 08. August 2021, Hildesheim

ROTERSAND – Whatever

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Gothic Cruise 2020 postponed

The Gothic Cruise 2020 is postponed. The new date: 26.09.2021 – 03.10.2021 (Port Canaveral in Cape Canaveral (Florida) see the official statement:

How do you feel today?

As of today this Baby is in the world. We hope it brings something good to you in these rough times. More Infos & Setlist:


„Whatever“Now available to stream or as instant gratification download with the pre-order of the upcoming album, “How Do You Feel Today”.1️⃣ MP3s via Amazon /️⃣ MP3s via iTunes /…/…/how-do-you-feel-today/14931734733️⃣ Limited 12″ vinyl plus…