2003: Truth Is Fanatic (Endless Records)
2005: Welcome To Goodbye (Dependent Records)
2007: 1023 (Dependent Records (Deutschland), Metropolis Records (USA))
2009: Random Is Resistance (Trisol (Deutschland), Metropolis Records (USA))
2014: Truth Is Fanatic Again (Trisol (Deutschland))
2016: Capitalism TM (Trisol (Deutschland))
2019: Hey You (Trisol (Deutschland))
2020: How do you feel today

Singles and EPs

2003: Merging Oceans (EP, Endless Records)
2004: Social Distortion (Limited 12″ Vinyl, ABash Recordings)
2004: Electronic World Transmission (Limited Tour EP, Endless Records)
2005: Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (2005, Dependent Records)
2006: Dare To Live – Perspectives On Welcome To Goodbye (EP, Dependent Records)
2007: Lost (Dependent Records)
2008: I Cry (EP, Trisol (Deutschland))
2008: Dark Raver (exklusiv für den Dark Raver im Fort Fun)
2009: War On Error (EP, Trisol)
2010: Waiting to be born (EP, Trisol)
2014: Electric Elephant (EP, Trisol)
2016: Torn Realities (EP, Trisol)
2019: You Know Nothing