re-created ‘truth is fanatic’ is finished

as the re-created ‘truth is fanatic’ is finished (apart from the artwork and one of three new songs) we think its time to release some names of artists which helped us / collaborated with us to make this record:

ionnokx is a Instrumental electronic music project by Gabriel Shaw (VNV Nation, Chemlab, Imperative Reaction) and laid their healing hands on ‘electronic world transmission’ | ‘merging oceans’ got transformed in a banging and pumping clubsmasher in the typical and unique neuroticfish-style by neurotic fish | we remodelled ‘hush’. this video we’ve posted a while ago gives you a glimpse of how ‘hush’ will sound like:

NOYCE™ were so kind to provide us with new vocals for our remodelled version of ‘move on’. you can listen to draft of it in the background od this video:

solitary experiments totally recreated ‘almost violent’ in very club-friendly way with their signature music- and vocal style | on top of the previous artist FrozenPlasma teamed up with Fräulein Plastique and Gentleman Junkie (LA) to refresh ‘social distortion’.